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A service designed to help you find the right dog for your family and lifestyle!

Perfect Puppy Plus is a service designed to find the perfect puppy or dog. This is an ideal service for the first time or experienced dog owner. We emphasize that dog ownership should never be an impulsive purchase. Too many dogs have been bought from irreputable sources because the owner just "had to have it". Many times this leads to dogs with a poor temperment or health or both. We help the potential dog owner bypass this negative experience by matching them with the right person who can produce the dog of their dreams, as well as educating them about the responsibility of dog ownership. 

Another aspect of Perfect Puppy Plus is choosing the right dog for your lifestyle. If a person is a very energetic person who likes to do a lot of physical activity, a dog like a St. Bernard may or may not be a good match. We get to know each client, and try to see if the dog that they are interested in is right for them. Sometimes what appears as a bad fit on the surface is really the perfect match. 

A service designed to help you find the Perfect Puppy or dog. 

* Breed selection (all breeds,including mixed) 
* Puppy Aptitude Testing 
* Evaluations of Adult Dogs 
* Breeder Locating/Referral 

We can also research, locate, and evaluate the dog of your dreams or just get you started on your search.

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Perfect Puppy Plus