At Progressive Canine our philosophy is to offer a motivational approach to training for dogs AND their owners.

The biggest obstacle between dogs and their owners is communication and understanding. 

Obedience class is where you and your dog learn a common language, and build a relationship based on understanding, mutual respect and trust that will last a lifetime!

Progressive Canine offers small group classes and individual private sessions for all dogs of all ages purebred and mixed breed alike. 

Our classes cover all levels of obedience training from Beginner to Advanced, plus we address "problem behaviors" such as jumping, nipping and house-training.

We also offer Behavioral Consultations and Behavioral Modification programs for dogs with behavioral issues such as dominance, aggression, separation anxiety, fear, insecurity, and phobias.

Our instructors are well versed in many different techniques, and methods of training. This allows us to assess each dog and use the methods which will make you and your dog successful! 

This approach gives us a success rate second to none! 

New Classes Starting in May and June at the Northborough Location!
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Progressive Canine Dog Training and Behavioral Services


We Offer a Motivational Approach to Dog Training for Dogs and Their Owners!

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